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Profitable Sign Pricing

It's time to stop guessing at your sign pricing

The Problem

Pricing signs and graphics should NOT be this complicated.

The most common question on industry forums and groups has always been “How much should I charge for XX?”. Always curious, I decided to dive deeper. Over the last two years, I’ve surveyed sign makers and printers that visited my blog - - on what their biggest headache is. “Pricing my work” was at the top of the list.

Why does it have to be so hard?

If you’re here, then you already know how much you charge for custom signs and graphics can make or break your business.

It’s all too easy to pour hours and hours into your business and never see the returns you deserve. In conversations with shop owners over the last 5 years, I’ve listened as many have told me that they feel like all they own is a JOB. Because after spending 60 hours a week in the shop, their employees were bringing home more $$$ per hour than they were.

This business is super competitive.

The price of equipment continues to fall and it seems like a new competitor opens up down the street every couple months. And they’re all the more willing to undercut your price to win some work.

I can still remember quoting jobs years ago. Scared to quote too high and lose the job. Scared to leave a ton of money on the table and work ourselves to death for little profit. Taking forever to arrive at THE price.

Pricing your work doesn’t have to be a struggle

Imagine knowing (with confidence) that every single quote you sent out the door will be a profitable job for your shop. Imagine NOT having to do that internal dance with yourself -

- Is this too high?
- Am I leaving money on the table?

What would that feel like?

Sign pricing isn’t rocket science. There’s no secret or magic formula to stumble upon. You can learn how to price your work profitably.

In this course, I’ll walk you through all the different parts of pricing your work in an easy to understand way. With no special tools or extra software to buy. There’s nothing you need other than pen, paper, and a spreadsheet.

Start your journey now with my course - Profitable Sign Pricing.

Course Outline

What's inside

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Chris Fleniken at Real Graphics

I naturally protect my inbox from junk and clutter, so I am not quick to sign up for anything.

BUT I have found Bryant's email newsletter to be one of my most anticipated emails to open. I find quick relevant nuggets I can use to grow and market my business. I also like how most are broken down to a few items to quickly take in and remember the take away points. I am grateful for all the help!

Jeff Sherman at Sign Specialists

I feel as though I have an outlet and resource that I’ve been needing for YEARS!​

I want to again thank you for setting up this forum. It’s been AMAZING for me just on a personal level to have a place to connect with other folks in the biz…and a great group at that.

Stephen Cassity at Instant Signs

Even though our Google reviews weren’t very flattering, I wasn’t so sure about buying the course

But once I did, everything opened up.

Since we bought the course we’ve had several 5-star reviews and the system is working its magic. Our sign company looks better on Google and we’ve got a really easy way to get important feedback from customers. That feedback has brought up some issues we didn’t know about that we’ve now addressed and fixed.

My favorite part of the course has been learning about Zapier and all the integrations available. I’ve learned how to create some of my own workflows that help our team every day.

I would recommend this to other sign shops and print shops. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an owner or a member of management say “I would pay real money for positive reviews”. Well… this is a way to farm real reviews.

Hi 👋 I'm Bryant.

You might know me from shopVOX. As the Head of Customer Success there, I've spent the last 5 years working directly with 300+ sign shops and print shops on improving their pricing and workflow. I’ve seen all sorts of pricing models and complicated spreadsheets. I’ve helped create entire pricing databases. I learned what works well, and what doesn’t work so well.

Before that, I walked miles in your shoes. I spent 4 years helping a small sign shop double revenue to over $1mil in annual sales. The owner and I pulled long hours together. A lot of times, I stressed over what to quote. I wish I knew what I know now, back then.

In this course, we're going to teach you everything we've learned about how to price signs, banners, large format printing and more.

We're not going to tell you what to charge for X, Y, and Z. We're going to teach you how to price. So you can be confident in your pricing and know that each job you sell will bring profit.

Hi 👋 I'm Peter.

Hey y’all My name is Peter Kourounis. I’m a graphic designer and graduate of Devry University with a background in Technical Management and Marketing. I’ve built my reputation for being an avid enthusiast of the sign and print industries. I  had started my sign company, Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising solutions, in 2009 and quickly grew that company to a few corporate-owned locations before franchising the business model in 2015 and growing that to over 10 locations in NY, NJ, and PA. 10 years later, along with my partners, decided that we sell the rights to Sign Me Up to Fast Signs international 

Now in act two of my career, I’m involved in many things. But I stay active in the industry by offering unlimited graphic design services on a monthly retainer for sign shop and print shop companies and also being an active contributor to the shopVOX Youtube channel by offering up weekly content on the ins and outs of operating a successful sign shop in today's current economy. 

I’m very excited to bring this platform to you. I feel very strongly that pricing is a big issue for a lot of us in this industry and hopefully these content and tools that we provide to you here will go a long way to correcting the way we price our products in this industry.  I’m very accessible, so if you have any questions, I urge you to reach out to me whenever you want because I am always willing to help out my fellow sign shop and print shop owners.