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Better Sign Shop | Better Sign Shop

Knowledge and Training Platform

Systemize and scale your sign shop

Better Sign Shop is the brain behind your business – SOPs, internal docs, training library, and more. All the tools you need to grow and scale without burning out in the process.

These shops and over 400+ others around the world trust Better Sign Shop


Wasted time

Every sign is different and without documented processes, employees are left to work it out themselves on the fly.

Costly production mistakes

New employees are often “thrown to the fire” which causes unnecessary re-work, higher material waste, and lost profit.

Lost opportunities

Revenue gets left on the table when sales reps and CSRs aren’t properly equipped with information on the different signs and services you sell.

High employee turnover

Chaotic and stressful work environments kill team morale and cause employees to look for greener pastures.

Sad business valuation

Sign shops often sell for much lower than the owners valuation because all the knowledge of how to run the business is trapped in the owner’s head.

You need systems and processes

Running a successful sign or print shop is damn hard.

You’ve got to find good employees, train them up, and hope they don’t leave – taking valuable knowledge with them. At the same time, every order is a custom job and you’re constantly swamped.

The Old Way

Scattered or non-existent documented knowledge

Sold on improving your workflow, you start documenting processes inside Google Docs. Except it's kinda clunky for multiple SOPs. And the search stinks. Nobody can find the link. The share permissions aren't working right.

Disconnected Google docs you struggle to find

Three ring binders full of outdated information

Spreadsheets with 80 tabs that melt your brain

The New Way

One single source of truth for all your systems and processes

You get started with Better Sign Shop and you're already 80% of the way done with our prebuilt templates for employee handbooks, ops manuals, roles and responsibilities, and more. The edit

Templates that save you time

Easy to use editor with AI capabilities

Global search so you can easily find cards

Not Another Shop Management Software

Better Sign Shop is the internal knowledge and training platform designed to help you streamline and scale your shop.

App screenshot
Document processes and SOPs
Define and assign roles and responsibilities
Onboard and train employees
Templates for SOPs, employee roles and more
Exclusive industry training library
Product catalog and sell sheets

Better Sign Shop is the perfect companion to your shop management software


Better Sign Shop Team

Meet your new sign industry besties

If you're struggling to hit that next level – we're here to help.

  • Bryant Gillespie

    The Founder of BSS

    Years ago, I helped grow a small shop to over $1mil in annual revenue before moving on to lead customer success at shopVOX - a sign shop management software. I spent 7 years there working directly with 400+ sign shops and print shops on improving their pricing and workflow before starting Better Sign Shop. Here, we're trying to help YOU skip the headaches and stress as you grow and scale your sign shop.

  • Michael Riley

    The Sign Design Samurai

    Michael is 22+ year veteran of the sign industry, starting out in a small mom-and-pop vinyl shop in Dayton, OH that he bought and grew into a super respected sign and wide format company. After 14 years he sold the company and moved to Portland, OR for a more relaxed life. And he loves cats. He runs his own freelance sign design business - Letterbox Sign Design.

  • Peter Kourounis

    The Sign Shop Yoda

    Peter started a sign company, Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising solutions, in 2009 and quickly grew that company to a few corporate-owned locations before franchising the business in 2015 and growing that to over 10 locations in NY, NJ, and PA. 10 years later, along with his partners, sold the rights to Sign Me Up to Fast Signs International. Peter also now runs Sign Shop Consulting

What are your alternatives to joining Better Sign Shop?

We think we've got a great thing going here for sign and print shop owners, but there's no one single way to success. Here's some other options...

😅 Building your systems, resources, processes, and training all by yourself

We've been there. Scouring the internet, sign industry forums, and Facebook groups for the knowledge you need. Getting zero responses or snarky comments like 'Go get a real job!'

It takes a really freaking long time

You can ask Peter, Michael, or any of the other sign shop owners within the community – it takes years to dial in processes and systems on your own.

It's lonely out there

Maybe it's just you. Maybe you've got a great team of employees. But it's still easy to feel like you're working ON the business by yourself.

So building everything yourself might not be a good fit, but what about other opportunities?

💰 Buying a franchise

We're not knocking franchises here at all – documented systems and processes are important for taming the chaos within your shop.

But the sign industry isn't exactly fast-food. Every order is custom-made to the customer's needs AND one sign could take an hour to make or it could take 3 weeks.

You’ll have to pay a large upfront investment and ongoing royalties.

Average franchise fee: $49,750
Average royalties: 6% of ALL your SALES, not profits

You’ll have to live by their rules and you’ll have to adopt their brand.

Branding and messaging are an important part of success, but you're mostly selling to local or regional businesses. The power of a national brand doesn't carry as much weight as in the consumer space.

At the end of the day, you’re still on your own.

Even with all their support and resources, if you need someone to jump in and help out, legally they cannot.

So the question is – are you prepared to take the risks involved in buying a sign industry franchise?

Ready to systemize and scale your sign shop?

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